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opportunity and investment.

Very many thank yous for your consideration. Pricing information is able to be established after a consultation. We do have flat rates for certain situations, although, we want to work within your budget and tailor the pricing to your particular project. Please feel free to call us or email us with what you have in mind or just contact to get an idea of how creative we can be with your skill, craft, product or service. We'll definitely be in touch. THANK YOU!

Custom Content starting at($400/m)

-3 Videos

-3 Photos

-3 Audios

These content pieces will captured monthly, posted, and engaged on, across the platforms that matter

most to you and your audience.

Content Editing

($200 Flat)

Got content?

Old or new, we'lll collect your existing content, and edit it into pieces that have just the right amount of 'umph' for your audience. Videos become photos become audios become videos...

and it goes on and on. 

1-on-1 Assist


How more productive would your day be if there were two of you? It's not always easy to accomplish all of your goals overnight. A second pair of eyes, and a second pair pf hands can save you that much more time. 

Other Services

-Wedding Film

-Premium Production (Includes Cast & Crew)

-Social Media Management

-Target Advertising

-Web Design/Development


-Digital Marketing Consultation

-Speaking Engagement

-Entrepreneurial Mentoring/Training

Questions or Concerns?

Do not hesitate to give me a call. I'd love to discuss how we can use content to provide for your wants and needs. 630.923.9554

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